P-Protect | Terms and Conditions

P-Protect | Terms and Conditions

Please remember to:

  • Read the Terms and Conditions in full, so you know what’s covered, what’s not and period of cover.
  • Make a claim with us, ideally within 5 calendar days of discovering that your device is damaged by calling us on +8809666745745 (10 am- 8pm) or emailing us at support@pickaboo.com or by creating a support ticket
  • Comply with our reasonable instructions including switching off or uninstalling any app which prevents our access to remove data from the claimed-for device.

Terms & Conditions:

These are the key terms and conditions for P-Protect membership, which consists of services provided by Pickaboo along with CPP Mobile Protection Plan (powered by CPP Global Assistance Bangladesh (CPP)). These terms and conditions give you full details of what is covered, what is not covered and the limits and conditions that apply. If you fail to comply with these terms and conditions, we may refuse cover in the event of a claim.

  • As part of the CPP Mobile Protection Plan, you will get the assistance benefits such as F-Secure anti-virus (annual membership), single number assistance, doctor’s appointment service (only for Indian Doctors) and complimentary screen damage protection. Please refer to the detailed terms & conditions that you will receive via text message at the time of purchase of device.
  • This screen damage protection service is valid for any accidental damage in display only
  • The display will be repaired/ replaced by the brand authorized service center
  • The Customer will avail the service from Pickaboo by calling 09666 745 745 or by creating a support ticket
  • Customers can avail the service at any time after the purchase of device within 3 months from purchase date either from Pickaboo or any other place
  • This protection is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Customer can avail the service only once during the lifetime of the coverage.
  • This P-Protect service does not cover regular service warranties/benefits that comes along with the phone by default.
  • If there is any cell phone warranty, Pickaboo will forward those phones to the appropriate OEM/Importer service center.
  • The customer will get a temporary mobile during the servicing period, if they purchase the smartphone from pickaboo (Available only in Dhaka City).
  • Please note that the complimentary screen damage protection cover is provided as part of the CPP Mobile Protection Plan. As part of this membership, you will be enrolled into a group policy taken by CPP for its customers. Please refer to detailed terms & conditions of group policy that you will receive via text message at the time of device purchase.


P-protect is available for selective devices, for a 12 months plan after the purchase of the service.

Your cover will begin:

  • As soon as you purchase P-Protect service from Pickaboo the coverage will start
  • Customer can purchase P-protect any time within 3 months from purchase date either from Pickaboo or any other place

Your cover will end if:

  • Your coverage will end if you open your phone from any service center or you make a claim during the coverage period

Your cover:

P-Protect gives your device cover for:

  • Your display is covered by this protection plan

What’s not covered

  • Theft or loss of your phone due to circumstances.
  • Any device other than the one shown on your invoice and premium receipt.
  • A subsequent claim made within the same 12-month period.
  • Accessory claims.
  • Deliberate damage caused by making alterations to the device or acting against manufacturer guidelines.
    • The cost of any repair to your device unless Pickaboo instructs it.
    • Any malicious or deliberate damage caused by you or someone who has your permission to use the device.
    • Loss or corruption of any kind of software or digital content other than standard manufacturer software.
    • Confiscation of your device by a finance company or government agency (such as the police).
    • Any claim we find to be fraudulent. If we settle a claim that’s later found to be fraudulent we may take action to recover our costs.

Replacement phone “temp

Subsequently, to make your experience with Pickaboo the most convenient, we also offer ‘new for old’ replacement device through “TEMP”. Our aim is to make sure that you do not suffer from inconvenience, thus we will send you a device with comparable features and functionality. To avail the TEMP services please go to TEMP TERMS & CONDITIONS. Call us on +8809666745745 or email us at support@pickaboo.com to place a request for replacement phone.

Personal DATA

You must delete all the data on your device and sign out of your iCloud (iOS) / Google (Android) accounts, social media accounts, bank account access or any other personal access. In addition, any lock code or password must also be removed prior to releasing the insured Mobile before handing it over to the authorized service center. Failure to do so, Pickaboo or the service center will not be responsible for any data that may be retained on the phone, and you cannot approach any of the above parties for any retrieval or deletion of the data from your used product.

If you fail to successfully sign out of all/any accounts as enumerated above, Pickaboo shall not take any responsibility to act on your behalf or be responsible for any unauthorized activity (if any).

Our use of your personal data

By taking this cover you confirm that you’ve given us your permission to communicate membership information with you by phone, SMS or email using your given contact details.

For issuing, administering and providing services under this membership, we will share your personal data with Sheba Platform and other partner companies providing services under this Membership. We may also share your personal data with Group companies and any third parties who are purchasers of all or part of Pickaboo and with organizations we use to monitor our performance, carry out research, create statistics, prevent or detect crime and other third parties to the extent required or permitted by law. We may access your call history around the time of any claim incident as part of our claim assessment process.

Whenever your personal information is shared with third parties, it will be done in accordance with all responsibilities. This includes, for example, putting in place appropriate written terms to protect your personal information. We will only use the personal information given by you to confirm your identity, administer your membership, contact you about your membership, process claims, carry out internal record keeping, record claims details on relevant databases and registers for fraud detection purposes and contact the police to check any crime reference number you give us.